Weekly Woof from the Web


Well we’ve had a bit of a break from blogging for much of 2013 but we are back, hopefully with a bang! So many excellent  resources out there in cyberspace, let’s get started…

Applying aversives, especially incorrectly is not only dangerous but not all that effective at modifying behaviour being more likely to suppress behaviour – more from Eric Brad: Bad Dog-Solving the Wrong Problem

I am a scientist and I am pro-science in pretty much all areas of life but just because it’s science doesn’t mean it’s right! We often need to delve a little deeper and be a little more critical to get to the heart of the matter, as Denise Fenzi does here: Science: Friend or Foe?  Science is a process, it evolves and we build on it as we go – that’s what makes it so interesting.

Pet owners often have special bonds with their pets – this summary of some work in this area demonstrates more benefits to the pet-person relationship: Dogs and Attachment Theory

Lots of advice from Pat Miller on that most stressful of problems: Multi Dog Household Aggression

Some great ‘STAY!’ clips: Teaching Your Dog to Stay, Every Dog Must Know This and The Best and Fastest Way to Teach Stay

Cutest clicker clip EVER!: Clicker Targeting

Real Life Counter Conditioning clip helping Bella feel a little more comfortable with other pets and people around, no need for Alphas, leash jerks or harsh tactics!

I sure can relate to this one: The Puppy’s Growing Up! 

Relationships take time to build: Bonding with Dogs – or not

Uh-oh Proof that Cats are Better than Dogs…..